Thursday, 09 July 2009

Girl in the McQueen dress.

So, I had the privilege to work backstage at Arise Africa Fashion Week. Couple of weeks back now.

I helped style the finale show, 30 girls, who would be closing the awards show and the whole week.
We chose the best pieces from the week and I had double-sided tape stuck onto my entire body.

The night ended on a spectacular note, VIP treatment (at an undisclosed club - I'll never tell where!), expensive bottles of liquor that we would never buy ourselves for fear of bankruptcy, and drunk dancing. The best kind.

Great bunch of models. Je t'aime. Especially loved little Ana-Paula, Portuguese girl with her little phrase-book. She's so gorgeous and professional and such fun...she sat taping the girls' (fancy) shoes with me...out of her own! Love her.

Snapped this gorgeous girl in an Alexander McQueen Resort 09 frock:

Matching McQueen clutch, nogal:
Love her. So chic.

Had to put Felipe in too, with his deconstructed trench.