Monday, 11 January 2010

Disco Mess.

In spirit of disco and all things glam rock (disco having had a comeback the last few seasons) I wanted to stick up some shots of one of my musical heroes, Marc Bolan (and to use the opportunity to boast - hee hee).

The following video (audio disabled thanks to the big hoo-ha Youtube had with the recording industry a while back) shows Top of the Pops on their Christmas 1971 special, featuring a whole range of bands/artists, including T-Rex performing "Get It On" (with Elton John on piano, even).

Anyway, point being, watch from about 2min23sec in, brunette girl in the purple sweater dancing along (she can be seen throughout the rest of the video, dancing away in her pink corduroy jeans). That's my aunt! I still can't handle how cool it is. And she was SO CLOSE TO MARC BOLAN. I die.

Also, I'd like to have this for my flat that I'll be moving into sometime this year:

Been obsessed with this PRIVATE track recently ("Girl take off your dress, let's make this place a mess" - BEST LYRICS) :

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Ben Rausch said...

Yup - he was a visionary.