Monday, 08 June 2009

Junk Sale at Deer Hunter, Greenside

Rozanne's mouse shoes. So awesome.

Cupcakes and brownies. Saved my life, helped my hangover.

Good day. Catch the next one at the beginning of next month and thereafter every first weekend of every month, Greenways Road, Greenside (opposite Design Center, who happened to have their open day this past weekend and proceeded to blare awful radio fodder across the street at us all day, making my hangover much harder to deal with. They played a certain "Mr Jones" 4 times. REM, twice, and every Lady Gaga song, ever. Torturous.)

Trying to keep the updates as regular as I can but college is killing me. Promise I will, promise.

And now:
Bed... Good...

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Nandi said...

Think your blog is too dope!*