Saturday, 23 May 2009


Thank god for Karl Lagerfeld. Chanel Cruise Collection 2010. Karen Elson. Baptiste Giabiconi. Bliss.

Resort wear is, as resort wear goes. Boaty. Beachy. Nothing too phenomenal. But what actually gets me excited is with every new Chanel collection comes a couple more men's looks. YES. Chanel menswear.

I'm not head-over-heels in love or anything, but wouldn't mind a nice new winter cardigan. Hmm.

Karl's current male muse in Chanel:

Love this:
('Novelty' sweaters also going to be a bit of a trend next winter)

Gorgeous coats. What I wouldn't give...

The stuff I've seen so far isn't anything too innovative unfortunately, but there are the odd basic item that would do really nicely. Be really great for Karl, or perhaps an outside designer to update and evolve the men's line. I think Hedi Slimane would be a rather interesting choice.

Brad Koenig:

(Love the scarf around the waist, am wearing mine like this at the moment)
Like the 'pearls-on-boys' sort of androgynous idea in this last picture, I've been known to rock a bit of a pearl necklace a few times. The lines in menswear, and masculinity in general, are being more blurred every day, especially in the fashion world, and girly items are being appropriated into menswear in all aspects. I for one think its very interesting and its a great time for menswear to really do innovative things.

Kudos to Karl for bringing Karen Elson back. Seems the trend for 'older, familiar models' in campaigns/shows will be around a while. Glad she's the Chanel face. Not too mad about Claudia Schiffer doing YSL, but hey, at least she's not Cindy. Also loving the Jerry Hall snaps which feature her writhing around on a bed with Baptiste. She really is amazing.


siblingmine said...

oh my goodness - ethereal bliss!

Ophelia Tshabalala said...

The men are dressed in Lagerfeld’s vision of how he looks in his own clothes. (I don't mean that in a good way.)

There is something to be said for the frilly robot tux. But not something good.