Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Power of Collaboration.

Some very exciting news today.

Sitting in my Fashion Media lecture this morning having a talk from The Times' features editor Aspasia Karras who runs the lovely Frock Report, I was greeted with a lovely surprise.

Aspasia has asked me to be a guest blogger on her site. I will be doing a weekly post inspired by street fashion (every Thursday). I'm all about collaboration and I'm pretty amped to get things going.

Have been busy this week so haven't been able to snap very many cool people so I'm choosing to post some snaps of these pants that I am lusting after. Dior Homme by Kris Van Assche (he's no Hedi, but he got me with this number). Thinking of knocking myself up a pair inspired by these.


Doing the rounds on my iPod this week, just by the by, every Kate Bush album EVER, on repeat. Love her. Also my new obsession the last few months has been this lovely lady:


Goes by the name La Roux. Taking the UK by storm at the moment. Fun, infectious 80's-inspired synthpop. Album due next month, will be a good one. Her new video "Bulletproof"

(She's really churning them out. In For The Kill and my personal best Quicksand.)

Lastly, B-sides from the new Depeche Mode album 'Sounds of the Universe' ("Oh Well", "Ghost" and "Light" namely) have been making early mornings/late nights more bearable since college started again.


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