Monday, 18 May 2009


Winter has reared its ugly head once again and good parties are few and far between. Got my winter essentials out:

1 x Black double-breasted peacoat
1 x Pair black leather gloves
1 x Skinny black umbrella (makes me think of "The Childcatcher")
3 x Pairs black/grey wool shuffle socks (skinhead/80s throwback vibe)
1 x Pair black military boots
1 x Super chunky knit, extra length scarf (in grey)

I'm waiting for an exceptionally cold morning to post an image of all of the above on my body at once. Oh, winter, you fiend.

I ventured out on Saturday night to a little party in a loft in downtown Johannesburg. Its called 'NOIR' and happens every now and then. Its one of those 'secret' type of parties that you have to have heard about from a friend of a friend of a friend etc. One of those.

We got there a bit late and I only got to DJ at 2am, but it was a lot of fun. We got stuck in the elevator for an hour after we exited the building. There were 11 of us crammed in there. It wasn't really an 11-person kind of lift either. At least everyone was in 'high spirits', passing around a bottle of rather nice whiskey and cracking inappropriate jokes. Being an experienced get-stuck-in-a-lift kind of person, I found it all very amusing.

We stopped in Linden on the way home and I slipped into an all-night laundromat to snap some pictures of its very minty-coloured interior:

Such fun.

Loving at the moment, via Dazed & Confused, here are some backstage shots of Gareth Pugh's recent menswear show at the Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore.

J'adore. Beautiful and highly-desirable, as usual.

Also loving this outfit (via Jak & Jil), very on trend right now, 80s throwback hair, aviators and shoulders-to-here-and-back. Would kill for her vintage Chanel belt.

My friend Ben Rausch aka DJ Sassquatch, has this rad blog. Its called "So Many Animal Calls". Its a great source for info on all the great parties happening in the Joburg independent music scene. He's just uploaded an incredible mixtape that I can't get enough of:

So Many Animal Calls - Sassquatch mixtape

Lastly a great song/video combo straight out of Paris, France (J'adore, again). They're this great new band called Make The Girl Dance. Ones to watch:

Before I go, this Thursday is the Stiaan Louw Menswear launch in Joburg and also my debut on The Frock Report. Have to get out and get some new snaps.

You can mail Dirk/Stiaan for more info:

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