Friday, 22 May 2009

A Selection of Photographs: Stiaan Louw Menswear Launch

First a few images from yesterday afternoon...

The leather legging, still doing the rounds, still looking good.

My colour scheme of choice this winter. Everything in taupes, tans and beiges.

Note my lovely friend Bee wearing her very own deconstructed/shredded t-shirt. So happy the trend has finally hit our shores (she just came back from London). I really love DIY clothing and this particular trend which simply involves unpicking the horizontal threads on a t-shirt.

So here's a little selection of images from the launch (thanks to my lovely friend Candice Wyatt-Minter for manning the camera while I was in model-mode :) ).

The clothes were beautiful, as always, and have me lusting after a few pieces to add to my dwindling winter wardrobe (ahem, *coughs*, just throwing it out there, *coughs*). The colours of the pieces on show comprised of black, grey and a spot of tan. I wore a gorgeous pair of lantern shaped, high-waisted pants, in black, naturally. Paired with a black cotton shirt and an amazing black overcoat/trench (linen?, I have forgotten now).

Kurt Pio's lovely all-in-one peak caps were also on display and fancy new Swear shoes (which weren't sneakers - I was thrilled. Not a fan of the 'pointed-toe-sneaker'. I just don't find it aesthetically pleasing to have what is traditionally a sportswear item be crossed with something that is a formal, or more 'dressy' item.). I was a bit preoccupied so only have a few pictures, will have to wait for media ones to pop up. Gotta get me that tan coat. All over the 'tan-ginger-gold-taupe' washed out palette at the moment. Throw some sorbet/pastels in for good measure. Mmm.

Snaps for the boys for standing still for so long, Sandra and I couldn't resist, we had to crack a bit of a smile every now and again, we had a good laugh. PS have a look at her delightful blog here: the personality girls band (beautiful photos galore ♥)

PPS Thanks for all the free booze/free MAC stuff. What more could a boy/girl/girl/boy want?

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