Tuesday, 15 September 2009

New New York

OK. So I've been pre-occupied with Joburg Fashion Week (*ahem* ok, not really) and end of term work for college. Overworked and underpaid I always say. The last 2 days have spawned all the best New York collections. All thriller, no filler.

Rodarte - New-tribalism. 'Torn-away' dresses. Revealing. Tattooed. Acidic runway. Eartly colour clothes, but deep earth (like mud and tar).

Alexandre Herchcovitch
- purely coincidental choice of football inspired looks (he did show this collection a few months back in Sao Paulo). The similarity between this and Alexander Wang's show at the beginning of the week ends there.

Rad Hourani - slick as always and my favourite show so far. I am biased though. I love Rad's clothing so much. As always, its monochromatic (but not bore some even after so many seasons of technically similar jackets and ultra-thin trousers), unisex and now with added hints of silver and grey. Androgynie.

Jenni Kaye - Clean. Simple.

Photos Elle.com and Style.com


AlyssaPandaEyes said...

rad hourani is awesome, makes me want to slice up my leggings (I don't think it'd work so well though). jenni kaye's simple silver is lovely too...I like your selections. x

Anonymous said...
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