Wednesday, 02 September 2009

Rad In Black

Canadian-born, New York-based RAD HOURANI's new diffusion line (Rad by Rad Hourani) is out just in time for Fall 2009 (no luck for us obviously).

My current obsession, he has a way of making black-on-black clothing even more desirable. His pieces have an asexual flair, not assigning a specific gender to any of his pieces. This makes me very happy. Any one piece can be worn in a few different ways, by boy or girl.

The line is made up of blacks and greys (his signature) casuals (t-shirts, jeans, jackets etc) and best of all, they are more affordable (ranging from between $100 - $400). I WANT.

Planning a trip to visit my sister in London this December, I will most definitely be bringing something back.

PS: SS08
(listen to that amazing cover of the Stones, very apt)

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Girl With the Sexy Shoes said...

this is a lapelle heaven project- I LOVE. .
sending money with you to pick me up a piece